Authority application

This site is prepared for those who want to share the contents of the author… We are waiting for you amateur/master writers who want to transfer a problem or a good development from here, trusting the idea of the pen. Do not continue without reading the rules… being a good writer, of course, has very serious rules. However, the best way to offer an idea is to argue with the level of the other individual without touching the freedom circle, and it is best to declare your opinion. For this, it is imperative to be a person who read and read a lot in the first place to our castle. Both the recent researches and the increase in the book sales of publishing houses show that we are now progressing faster towards becoming a nation that reads. The number of people who read books in the buses until 3 years ago on the ferries is almost absent, and now we're looking at one of every 10 people in the hands of a book you can see. It is also important that a generation can write and transmit something based on what it reads and experiences. If we count it, there are so many things that we can write… quote if you have words or verses to share, join us… Click here to apply as a writer