Without you…


Without you

Lyrics and More Information:
Lyrics: Candan ErçetinMusic
: Nuri Irmak

A strange sadness collapses when one's
foot is pulled

You'll be on your own in the world
when the world goes quiet

Believe me, this house never got used
to being without you.

Now you're sitting
there without you.

I'm used to being alone, my

Even if it's too hard, I'll
live to learn, which hurts me.

A deep fear falls on my
soul when the Walls call out

I think of
dark games when thegols dance

Believe me, I'm not
used to being without you.

Now you're walking around
without it in this house you've been going to

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I missed you

I missed you

I've missed you

I missed you

You left me on that day.

I missed you

The days don't go by without you

The days with you are not forgotten

Why did you leave me?

Who's going to sing me old songs?

Who will receive extra additions on the next visit

Who do you hug again every time we come

How we age jazz with this pain

How to build jazz without you

I missed you

When you come to us, I want you to sit in the corner.

To help us when you're doing a job.

I missed you

How those good times will be left behind

I miss you you you


Children are always children..

Kids are just kids…

Children are just kids. While it is necessary for them to be called early in the street while playing in the streets, it is a happy birthday to our children who touched dirty hands in the dirty world!! From now on, I hope to have your immaculate lives #23nisankutluolsun celebrate the holidays that you have been offering for centuries, to be the task of raising the generation that walks in your light, to tell everyone, to introduce you to our neck is the duty Atam  It is a LEADER who leaves the FESTIVAL and not the DRAMA of the children…. #23nisankutluolsun —

If you come..

If you could knock on
my door with two cups o
f tea and a life in your dimples with a s
mile on your hands, and with those
moss-green eyes that would kill me

ready to freshen up on
your face, if you're in any situation
, my dear, I am willing to make every
single letter from the tongue's barrel in the chat world.

I want to feel at the altar of my aguş, the bre
ath of my ears, the voice of the
sound of the hope of the palm
of my heart to find life in the h
ands of the words of the night masiva of the Promises

Come while my immigrated soul is separated fr
om the silence of my knees when I bleed in the
absence of my knee when I miss
you syllable Syllabus

Well, it is. . .

James Oldham

Who knows..

It's been a long time since I've seen you, like today, who's going to see what the hell is going to do to your eyes, the pain in the light snow that shakes my insides.

Who knows,
Who knows who would smile and heart life

Who knows,
Who will accompany daisy-scented tea

I can't take it out of my mind
Last Look
My last Notification
And the green eyes that resemble the last rose season
Heart a big fortune

Cold, desolate, breathless

Just like that. . .

John Oliver . .

What a beautiful thing to remember you

What a beautiful thing to remember you:
From the News of Death and Glory,
And my age is past the countryside…

What a beautiful thing to remember you:
The hand that was forgotten on a blue fabric
and hair
Vakur softness of Istanbul soil…
He's like a second person inside me.
I love you…
The scent of the finger on the end of the fingers leaves the yellow
A sunny comfort
And the invitation of the Flesh:
Split with Crimson Lines
Hot dark dark…

What a beautiful thing to remember you,
Write About You,
To sleep on your back in prison and think of you:
The day or the other, the word you said,
Not himself
The world…

What a beautiful thing to remember.
I have to carve you something from the board again:
A drawer
A ring,
And I'm three feet thin, silk-knit.
and immediately
Out of my place
By sticking to the iron in my window
To the milky white blue of Hormuz
I must read what I wrote to you…

What a beautiful thing to remember you:
In the News of Death and Glory,
And my age is past the countryside…

Poet: Nazim Hikmet