Our site rules

Site rules

  • 1) General morality contrary to Nick, avatar, signatures and correspondence of those who make messages/signatures/avatars will be held in the first place and warned of the member; The second time, membership information will be suspended or deleted, without notice to the member. 2) The messages of the Members who have responded to the discarded messages, distribute the subject, "tweet" and make the environment uncompromised, are deleted and warned. Membership of members reaching a specific level of warning is automatically suspended or deleted.      Administrators can delete a member's registration from the forum without waiting for the alert to reach the highest level if it is repeated. 3) sending messages with profane content to profanity, insults, threats, taunts, insults, people's rights and freedoms is prohibited. These types of messages seen by administrators will be deleted without notice and will be alerted to the message. It is also strictly forbidden to respond to such messages in the same way.

    4) It is forbidden to discard messages with content that is called CRACK, warez,, hacking. Messages with such content will be deleted immediately without notice.

    5) Our site is divided into categories and subcategories. Depending on the content, you can send your message to the appropriate category and subcategories. If the same message is sent more than once to the same department, or if the same message is determined to be sent to more than one category, other messages will be deleted without notice until only one message remains.
    6) The content of each message is solely responsible for the author and only. We write www. com Site owner, admins and moderators cannot be held accountable.

7) Any content that may be prevented from reading in the forum in signatures will be removed without notice.

8) As a writer, you will be asked for some information during registration. This information is just. It is necessary to verify the true identities of the authors, and 3. Will never be shared with the quiche, only if necessary, the law shall be issued for security forces and courts.

9) Please avoid messages that violate the laws of the TC, involving vulgar, insulting, inaccurate, tedious, threatening, infringing on the rights of other users, sexually explicit items. Do not send any copyrighted material to our site.

10) Because we are a forum for education/sharing purposes, make sure that the items submitted are owned by this content. Messages that are not relevant to the content will be deleted without notice by the Forum administrators.

11) Sending a message to the forum, sending a blank message, sending a message unrelated to the subject, "+ 1, I think, nice," such as a particular purpose, sending non-sharing messages, to send messages with the same content or separate content to the bottom is prohibited because it is flood. If something comes up later, do not reply under your post or click the Edit button in your previous message to add it to your message. Messages with flood content will be deleted. If the user is identified as an ulterior motive, it will be removed from the forum.

12) provocative and humiliating writings about communities, languages and beliefs cannot be written. (For example: Race and religion.)

13) Lethal, cutter, explosive, any kind of weapon, etc. with tools; The drug is forbidden to write messages, open up Topik related to the sale of alcohol, alcoholic beverages, and all kinds of addictive substances.

14) The purpose of the interpretation of the parties and political writings, images, Avatars and Nick (nicknames) etc. is forbidden.!

15) Any harassment, non-purpose writing is prohibited.

16) giving personal (credit card) information is prohibited to distribute with private message.

17) You can cancel the membership of the Forum at any time. Your personal information will be deleted by us when you cancel your membership. To cancel your membership, you must contact the Forum administration's private message service

18) Existing rules can be added, modified and edited by site management without prior notice…

19) Our site is established to provide information sharing. This forum will not only come to get information and go. Comments should be shared with our authors.

20) Those who use the forum are deemed to have accepted all the rules of www.yazariz.com.